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Garage Sale - Q&A


EEKKK where has the last 4 weeks gone! I am so glad I gave myself 4 weeks to get organised as it gave me chance to unearth many items I had stash away as well as enjoy some sunny days out with my boys.

The gazebo is up, the items have all been priced up and I have also sceduled the rain  LOL.  Wouldn't be a bank holiday weekend without it! My gazebo is waterproof and I have plenty of tea, coffee and biscuits  for those that will enjoy a catch up and a relaxed browse!

Thank you to everyone who has messaged me and replied to my emails about the garage sale I am having.  A few questions have cropped up so I thought I would clarify these below:-

Why is it email invite only?  -  I  wanted to offer the items I have to previous students, friends and family as the stock I am selling is way below retail price and whole sale price.  I wanted to do this as a thank you really for everyones support over the years and to help people who maybe just starting out on their sewing journey. My email data base is smaller and more personal than my social media presence, it felt the best way to let people know. 

Will I be doing this again? - Probably not, I won't be buying in bulk anymore - I need the space! Any stock left, will given to charity.

Can anyone come? - Only if I have corresponded with you before the event and made arrangements.  As I am holding this from my garage/garden I didn't want lots of people turning up, there is is only so many cups of tea I can make!

I am not local  can I still buy from you? - Absolutely, just get in touch and we can arrange a video call during the event. That way I can walk you around the stock.  I have many friends, family and students who live away and have all ready expressed an interest. 

How can I pay? - By cash or bank transfer on the day.  Receipts will be issued from my lovely pink till! 

Where is it ? -  Ulverston, Cumbria , UK - details will go out on email. 

As always feel free to drop me a line if I have missed anything off - Hope to see you soon, Julie x 



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