Ju Ju Creations Blog It's ok to take a break!

It's ok to take a break!


Taking a break for me has never come easy, and giving myself permission to do so is certainly a first! 

I have always enjoyed being busy and I love teaching and supporting others on their sewing journey.  The enjoyment and reward in seeing students gain skills and the spark in their eye as they gain these skills and grow in confidence.  I learn from you as much as you have from me!

However I know from past experience that having to many spinning plates can make me ill, so I am putting a few to one side for now and I will reassess in the new year.  

I won't be on social Media as I have always found that exhausting, what with the constant feeling that I need to show up daily and be showy to keep the animal fed or I run the risk of falling off your news feed is mentally tiring, especially when I don't have any new pictures to post or exciting news to share! College written work do not make exciting pictures LOL! 

My main priority (besides my crazy family!) will be focusing and learning my new job role as an Adult Education Tutor.  I am so excited to be joining their team and working within a large company again and the resources that comes along with it  (but not high lighters or stationary apparently, that I can enjoy shopping for separately LOL. )

I will still be sewing and creating my new work outfits and obviously I will need to create a new bag  LOL.  So any new skills and ideas that pop into my head I will post on here - bit like a diary, so if anything I create looks interesting let me know as you never know it may become class! 

As well as sewing I have started to create multi media art, this is something I used to do back at college and I have missed getting messy with paints and scrap fabrics as it allows me to switch off and connect back with myself as I enjoy the quiet solitude.  After a day of teaching or activities with family the quiet refection recharges me and helps me to rebalance again!

You never know I may feel confident enough to teach textile art in the future! For now I am just enjoying the process and self discovery it brings with it.

That just leaves me to say THANK YOU for each and every one who has attended a class, sent me an email, offered advice and just been so supportive over the years.  I will cherish each relationship and connection I have made. 

Until next Time Julie x 


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