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Ju Ju - My DIY Body Double!


Dress FormI have been on a mission to create a body double for quite some time now, in fact this is my 3rd one and I have learnt so much along the way.   Not just about the construction but also about my body shape and the poor self image I had of myself.  

For years I have become increasing frustrated with buying ready made clothes. Trying garments on was exhausting, nothing would fit right and size range's could be so tricky - a size 18 in one shop is a 12 in another and 24 in another 🙈.  

Then lock down hit!  Shopping and trying on garments before purchasing was no longer an option so I thought - "O I know, I will go back to dress making!" as shopping for fabric has always been a lot more fun🤣.

UM.... Problem number 1 - patterns I used, when I was in my 20's, no longer worked for my now more 'mature curvier figure!'  Making a garment in a 'size or two bigger' just resulted in a garment that was way to large for my top half even if the bottom half was ok, or vice versa! 

Apparently my body hadn't quite filled out uniformly like they do in dress making patterns! 🤣

In my endless search of the internet to find answers, I stumbled across Bootstrap Fashion!  A pattern company that would generate  patterns, custom fit to your measurements! WOW!

I eagerly inputed my measurements and printed off a very simple dress!  

Problem Number 2 - Fitting the dress to me! With the help of my very reluctant Hubby, who thought I was more of a pin cushion than a model🙈 (This was not the best decision we made during lock down 🤣) He survived - but only just!

I needed a dress form!  Buying one I wanted was not an option, at prices around £1000 for a 'plus size' it was a bit scary - as you never know I might loose the baby weight and then I would be stuck with a dress form that was to big ( My youngest is 9... but I can still use the baby weight as an excuse right? 🙈)

Back to Bootstrap fashion and Dress Form Number 1 was born!

She came out OK and I was very happy with her at first!   Boy o Boy had I used the wrong material to make her in and inputting my measurements really needed some further tweaking!

Then came along Dress Form Number 2 - Better fabric choices , better at inputting and fine tuning my measurements but she was lop sided and every time I spun her she would fall over 🤣 however I could use all the stuffing from my previous dress forms so all was good.

Problem Number 3 - Second Lock down!, Lets just say that winter and staying indoors a lot = I needed a larger dress form 🙈 Now I could have just padded her out on top and then covered her up, but I had a vision in my head of the final body double being fit for self drafting and for future classes.  

So I wanted one that would look more 'polished' and not something that  looked  like frankenstine monster's could have been married to! 🙈

Dress Form Number 3 - and by far my most successful one to date.

She has a wooden device at the top that I can steady her with and wrap my magnetic pin bracelet to. She has sponge in the neck so I can have pins at the ready, her measurements, give or take the odd bump, is near perfect including her shape at the front and rear 🤩 I found the best fabric for the job - Curtain lining with fleece all ready attached - very cost effective and easy to sew with!

In the last week alone I have used her to take 3 dress that I all ready had, that I felt didn't fit me right (shop bought) and I could actually see , play , pin and assess without hubby sticking me with pins - which I think secretly he misses 🤣

I am enjoying dress making once again and self drafting is certainly now within my reach!

If a dress form could aid you on your sewing journey then sign up to my Dress Form Class.  

I am in the process of building it and it will be ready to launch by the end of June 2022. I will guide you through all my hits and tips, How to input your measurements, printing , assembly, material choices and lots lots more! 

Pre-launch sign up will have a significant discount!  Join my emailing list and you will be the first to hear. 🥳

(P.S let me known of any spelling mistakes in the above - free chocolate to the first person who finds one 🥳🤩)


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