Guide to Class Levels

All of the courses online or in person are aimed at a particular sewing skill level.  The following information will support you in choosing the right course to develop your skills on your sewing Journey.  If you are unsure if a particular course is right for you, feel free to email me on for further guidance.

Class Level 0

You have Zero experience! Taking a class at this level will get you to Level 1 Beginner within 3 hours!

Class Level 1 - Beginner 

You have used a sewing machine before but may need a refresher on threading the machine and winding the bobbin. Perhaps the last time you sewed was in school!  You may have some finished projects but you
are not sure of the additional feet and need more practice keeping an even seam allowance.
Or you have just taken a Level 0 class and would love to continue learning.

Class level 2 - Beginner with a little more confidence 

You can sew straight and curved seams while keeping a constant seam allowance. You can thread your own machine, wind a bobbin and trouble shoot tension issues (with a little guidance.)
You have a basic understanding of different fabric types and have several projects under your belt.

Class level 3 - Advanced Beginner 

You have been sewing for a while and you are comfortable sewing with patterns. You have a general understanding of fabric types including interfacing. You have some experience using different presser feet,
installing zippers, making button holes but may need some more practice and support.

Class Level 4 - Intermediate 

You have worked with a variety of fabrics including knits, you possibly have used as overlocker, however, if not, you are ready to learn! You can confidently walk into one of our classes or online courses and not feel lost or overwhelmed but you want your projects to look more professional.

Class Level 5 - Intermediate +

You enjoy making your own clothing and sometimes make changes to a pattern to get your desired fit. You still need to read the instructions thoroughly and you are striving to learn more about perfecting a really great fit and making your garmet's look as good on the inside as they do on the outside.


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